Personal Pelvic Health


Cosm Medical is a women's health company building a proprietary digital platform to personalize care and improve the lives of women affected by pelvic floor disorder.  


Pelvic floor disorders, such as prolapse and incontinence, drastically affect quality of life and are common, growing and underserved.  Over 10 million pessaries are sold annually which are off-the-shelf trial-and-error intravaginal prosthetics used to alleviate symptoms of pelvic floor disorders.  With pessaries, 1 in 3 women won't find the right fit, half will stop using it within a year, and half will get complications with long term use.


At Cosm, we are developing Gynethotics™, made-to-measure gynecological prosthetics, to improve care and lower risks associated with pelvic floor disorders.   Digital urogynecology will modernize the art of pessary fitting into the science of Gynethotics™ transforming the care pathway of this underserved patient population.

We're a passionate team of engineers, scientists, clinicians and advisors creating a microcosm of technology to shift the macrocosm of women's health.  Join us in our mission for Personal Pelvic Health.

COSM Intro


Derek Sham, BEng, MBA

Founder & CEO

Ali Borazjani, PhD

Medical Director 

Aye Nyein San, MASc

Chief Technology Officer

Bobby Lancefield, MScBMC

Mechanical Design Engineer 

Goli Ameri, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Allie Blokker, MESc

Biomedical Engineer


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