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North America's first personalized pessary platform to improve the lives of patients and clinicians through personalization and improved device designs.

Our Technology

The Science & Benefits of Gynethotics™

By leveraging the latest advancements in 3D printing, artificial intelligence, cloud software, and ultrasound, we will create a streamlined and personalized experience for patients and clinicians.

At Cosm we will implement data-driven personalization to increase fitting success, achieve higher patient compliance and reduce complications. With Cosm's advanced solutions, patients can expect a higher quality of care, improved symptoms, and satisfaction.¹

1. Hong, C. X., et al., Patient-Specific Pessaries for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Using Three-Dimensional Printing: A Pilot Study. Urogynecology. 2023.

Experience the Future of Gynecological Prosthetics



We begin our clinical process with precise and advanced measurements, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the pelvic anatomy.

Design & Fitting

design and fitting

Personalized Gynethotics™ offer a fitting that is tailored to your anatomy and needs, replacing trial and error with standard pessaries.

Follow Up & Monitoring

Follow up

We are dedicated to your long-term success and have developed a digital solution offering continuous monitoring and support.

3D Printing

Our Technology



Delivering world-class personalized medicine requires multiple layers of technology.

With partnerships and support from world leaders in 3D printing, biocompatible silicone processing, and computer-aided modelling, Cosm has developed a single-volume manufacturing process for high-quality Gynethotics™ to create the best experience and product for our clinicians and patients.


Beyond pessaries, we are able to leverage 3D printing for personalized gynecological solutions.

Our platform has expansive opportunities to improve the continuum of pelvic care from obstetrics to elderly care, ushering in an age of digital gynecology. Join us at the forefront of innovation in pelvic health and be part of shaping the future with Gynethotics™ pessaries and beyond.

Gynethotics™ Pessaries in the manufacturing center and lab
Two tablets with view of clinical screens

Digital Gynecology Software

AI Driven Cloud Software

Cosm is leveraging the latest in artificial intelligence/machine learning to process various data sets and images to suggest Gynethotics™ designs to clinicians. This AI-driven approach will  enable faster and more accurate analysis, optimizing the personalization process for each patient's unique needs.

Digital Gynecology Portal

COSM Digital Gynecology Patient Portal

The data-driven evolution of pelvic health empowers patients to gain control over their condition by enabling both clinicians and patients to effectively engage in the treatment progress.


Our patient portal empowers patients with educational tools and remote care with the ability to track symptoms and easily share actionable data.


The clinic portal enables clinicians to provide effective chronic care management, continuity of care, and increase patient engagement.

Cloud Software
AI & Machin Learnin
Colpodynamic Imaging


Clinical Assessment

We are working with world-leading technologists and clinicians to improve the current standard of care for pelvic floor measurements. The current 'gold-standard' to fit a pessary involves taking manual finger measurements. We are currently developing low-cost and easy-to-use hand tools to improve clinical digital assessments.

Colpodynamic Imaging (CDI)*

Unlike prosthetics in orthopedics or dentistry which are designed to fill a stable volumetric space, prosthetics for pelvic floor disorders need to be designed for the dynamic interactions between muscles, tissues, and ligaments of the pelvic floor.

At Cosm, we are investigating a novel diagnostic system to ‘mold and scan’ the dynamics of the vaginal cavity for personalized gynecological prosthetics and beyond.¹

*Not yet regulatory approved.

COSM Portable Device Setup

1. Ameri, Golafsoun & Barker, Kevin & Sham, Derek & Fenster, Aaron. (2020). Mechanically-assisted 3D ultrasound scanner for Urogynecological applications: preliminary results. 31. 10.1117/12.2550574. 


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