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Every woman is different.  Gynethotics™ are patient-specific pessaries for unique bodies and needs.

Digital urogynecology will improve the lives of clinicians and patients by modernizing care for women suffering from an underserved and stigmatized women’s health issue.

Our technology and products are currently in clinical studies in North America.  We are working as a team with our collaborators for regulatory approvals starting in 2023.


Cosm is leveraging the latest advancements in ultrasound, cloud software, artificial intelligence and 3D printing to create a data-driven, streamlined, and personalized experience for patients and clinicians.

Scanning Technology

We are working with world-leading technologists and clinicians to improve the current standard of care for pelvic floor measurements. The current 'gold-standard' to fit a pessary involves taking subjective, manual finger measurements.  


At Cosm, we are developing a modernized pelvic floor measurement system using novel ultrasound imaging technology alongside a low-cost hand tool. This will vastly improve current pelvic floor measurement techniques and allow for the design of patient-specific vaginal pessaries.

Cloud Software & AI

Unlike prosthetics in orthopaedics or dentistry which are designed to fill a stable volumetric space, prosthetics for pelvic floor disorders need to be designed for the dynamic interactions between muscles, tissues, and ligaments of the pelvic floor.

Cosm is leveraging the latest in artificial intelligence/machine learning to process various data sets and images to provide clinicians suggested Gynethotics designs. Clinicians will be able to review, edit, order, and track Gynethotics and patient outcomes through a seamless cloud software platform.

Gynethotics Manufacturing

Delivering world-class personalized medicine requires multiple layers of technology. 


With partnerships and support from world leaders in 3D printing, medical-grade silicone processing, and computer-aided modelling, Cosm has developed a single-volume manufacturing process for high-quality Gynethotics to ensure the best experience for our clinicians and patients.





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Gynecologist (USA)

Gynethotics solution of developing a customized support device for each patient is brilliant. The comfort and support this could provide patients is immeasurable.

60 Yr Old Patient

What you’re doing is actually ground-breaking earth-shattering for us women that do wear pessaries. We are not all the same size on the inside or the outside. One size does not fit all.

Urogynecologist (USA)

My wife, she’s a dentist and has all these cool tools to make custom products for her patients and I’m stuck using my fingers.

36 Yr Old Patient

I am glad somebody out there is researching these things, it means that maybe I won’t have to have surgery when I think because there will be something that will help me before I need to do that.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist (Canada)

It has been mind boggling to me that more people haven't realized there is this need, and weren't doing more for individualized medicine. Your work seems like a much needed step forward!

39 Yr Old Patient

I feel like I got my life back with a pessary, I wish it just fit me better. It would be so amazing to have a pessary that would just stay in and fit me.