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3D Printing &
Digital Gynecology
has Arrived
for Your Practice.

We help you streamline your pessary practice and advance pelvic health, to better help your patients with PFDs.

Gynethotics™ Pessaries

Gynethotics™ Pessary: The World’s First Commercial Personalized Pessary

For patient’s with pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence, a personalized Gynethotics™ pessary can improve symptoms and satisfaction, compared to standard pessaries.¹

Gynethotics™ Pessaries are FDA and Health Canada approved. We invite you to enroll in our Early Innovator Program for exclusive access to order personalized Gynethotics™ pessaries. We’re here to help you deliver the best in pelvic health care and patient support.

1. Hong, C. X., et al., Patient-Specific Pessaries for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Using Three-Dimensional Printing: A Pilot Study. Urogynecology. 2023.

Experience the Future of Gynecological Prosthetics



Novel measurement tools provide you with precise and detailed data, leading to more accurate assessments and personalized treatment plans

Design & Fitting

design and fitting

Personalize and order Gynethotics™ on-demand to improve patient outcomes and reduce the inventory issues and trial and error process linked to off-the-shelf pessaries.

Follow Up

& Monitoring

Follow up and monitoring

Our clinic portal simplifies and streamlines data management and analysis, enabling you to efficiently process information, track patient progress, and improve patient compliance.

Design Gynethotics in 3 Simple Steps


Select a Shape


Select Softness of the Biocompatible Silicone


Personalize the Dimensions

Gynethotics™ Pessaries

Digital Gynecology Clinical Software

We help you streamline your practice and increase patient engagement with secure and easy workflows for intake, treatment, and ongoing patient management. 

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Digital Gynecology Clinical Software

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Here’s what patients & clinicians have to say about Gynethotics™

“There have been many times I wish I had in between size.”

“I think the work that Cosm is doing is so important because getting the right fit is so hard when you're between sizes.”

Nurse Practitioner


  • When will Gynethotics™ Pessaries be available?
    The initial designs for Gynethotics™ Pessaries are anticipated by the end of 2023. Through ongoing scientific advancements, we project the introduction of further designs and products in 2024 and 2025.
  • What are Gynethotics™ Pessaries made of?
    All Gynethotics™ are made from biocompatible silicone, offering multiple choices in terms of material stiffness.
  • How do I know if a personalized pessary is right for me?
    Like traditional pessaries, your clinician will assess factors such as the type and severity of your pelvic floor condition, your medical history, and your lifestyle. They will also consider any preferences you may have before recommending a personalized pessary for you.
  • How do I get fitted for a Gynethotics™ Pessary?
    The first step is to connect with your clinician. They possess the expertise to assess your specific pelvic health needs and recommend the most suitable pessary for you. If you are interested in getting your own Gynethotics™ Pessary, fill out our contact form with the contact information of your clinician. We take a collaborative approach to finding the most suitable solution for your pelvic health needs. If you do not have a clinician, contact us to find a Cosm-affiliated clinic near you.
  • Are Gynethotics™ Pessaries comfortable to wear?
    We have demonstrated that Gynethotics™ pessaries can be more comfortable for patients compared to their current pessary (Source: ). Our goal is to optimize your comfort and lifestyle based upon your unique body and needs
  • How do I manage my Gynethotics™ Pessary?
    This depends on each individual’s situation. A plan for removal, cleaning, and reinsertion will be created by you and your clinician based on the type of pessary, your tissue, other health concerns, and your goals for pessary use. Refer to the instructions for use accompanying your device for instructions on how to clean and care for your pessary. Gynethotics™ Pessaries are designed for a usage period of up to 3 years.
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